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We are committed to maintaining the human element in our services. Every roll is manually processed by an experienced technician.

Our high-quality scans are a direct reflection of our high-quality staff. Our scanning techs are creatives and image makers themselves – time and experience goes into cultivating that eye.

We offer high quality files, too. Our base size scan is "Large," because they're actually large enough to print. The "Maximum" size scans are the highest resolution that our scanner can output, and TIFF's are a less-compressed file type at a mammoth 85mb per file, with best-in-class detail.

Scan resolution is as follows...

Large: 3024 x 2005 (8x12 print) 
Maximum: 6048 x 4011 (24mp) 
TIFF: 6048 x 4011 (Uncompressed TIFF file format)