Intro to Shooting Black and White Film (Group Workshop, February 3rd + 4th)

Intro to Shooting Black and White Film (Group Workshop, February 3rd + 4th)

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Back by popular demand!

This workshop is designed to get you thinking in Black and White. Our eyes see the world in colour, and that colourful world doesn't always translate to black and white so well in photo form.

Shooting in Black and White is a great way to learn about the fundamentals of photography, aspects that will not only improve your b&w photography skills, but show through in your colour photography as well.

Day 1, 10am–1pm

1-1. learn our cameras
1-2. learn how to identify "good light" for b&w
1-3. composition guidelines
1-4. go on a photo walk and shoot a roll!

Day 2, 5pm–7pm

2-1. review images individually
2-2. group feedback session
2-3. key takeaways

Maximum 8 attendants, minimum 3.

This workshop will teach you the basics of using YOUR film camera (we also have cameras available to rent for the day,) the fundamentals of exposure that you need to know when shooting black and white film, and guidelines for composing a beautiful frame. 

On day one, after a session on theory, we will go out and shoot a roll as a group. Drop off your film at the lab, and the next day we'll get together to go over our shots, identify key points of success and elements that can be improved, and talk about the process as a group.

Price includes a roll of film and the processing/scanning service. email to arrange a loaner camera.